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Making an informed decision based upon facts, science and best practices is our goal. I believe you will see why I am so passionate sharing and educating others about what I have discovered. When you click 'ENTER' you will be asked for the password I supplied. Then have a pen & paper ready, turn up the speakers and enjoy what you are about to learn.

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Still not sure after the overview? We know from experience that making a solid, informed decision is critical. Hopefully, you will 'discover' all you need here. When you click 'ENTER' you will be asked for the password I supplied. Then have a pen & paper ready, read, watch and write down any questions. I, and my successful liked minded community will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

A One Of A Kind New Economy Model

Business is changing...commerce is changing...the job market is changing

Have you noticed? Two of the top 3 retailers are now online dot com companies who CARRY NO INVENTORY (Alibaba & Amazon). Netflix put Blockbuster out of business with THE EXACT SAME PRODUCT that Blockbuster carried. Uber is the largest taxi company in the world and OWNS NO TAXIS. Airbnb is the largest room provider and owns NO REAL ESTATE. All of these changes are 'disruptive' and are called Direct to Consumer. Two big things are happening with this disruption 1) Commerce is changing dramatically 2) The way to earn an income is changing dramatically. It is your time to get to know about these changes, and how to take full advantage of what's to come. You will discover Social Marketing here. Dream again...

It's your time, do not miss it!

About me.

I was most likely just like you are right now, probably curious, maybe inquisitive, possibly looking for something more in life. What I found has absolutely amazed me in many more ways than one. One of the best findings, for me, was this community of liked minded individuals, all banding and working together to better our world in so many ways that I would not have been able to accomplish alone. Read more

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About Me

About Me

Life can sure be interesting, it is not always a bed of roses.

How about your life?

I came from the UK as an immigrant, hard work was ingrained in me from my parents. They always said to work hard and you will always be able to pay for things.  In the US, I found that I was able to work hard, and also make a decent income.

As an immigrant coming to the United States, you can sometimes forget to dream the "American Dream" .....is it a "Dream Life" when you work so many hours away from your family,  and come home late for your children and for your husband, if you have one?

I came to the US married, and then for awhile was a single mom.....that was my life..... long hours, decent pay, and living pay check to pay check.

I always had that "American Dream" to be successful and be rewarded for those successes..

I managed to save a few beans, leveraged my income and bought some investment property, only to see all my efforts melt away in a bad real estate market.

What's next?

Have you experienced similar disappointments? 

Build Your Dream Life Today, is a community of people from all walks of life, that are tired of waiting to see what the future holds while they work pay check to pay check.

A community that wants to build now for a stable financial future....

We believe that you can Build Your Dream Life Today, why wait, the time is now!

Anything is possible, it all starts with a Dream..
Life is all about Family
We are a Community who come together for a common Goal of Living Our Dream Lives
Hanging out with my besties!